What is POS System and Explain its hardware and software types Introduction of POS Canada?

  • September 18, 2021
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What is POS System and Explain its hardware and software types Introduction of POS Canada?

Point of Sale system is a hardware and software bundlethat is utilizing for transaction functionality. POS is a secure and safesoftware in which easily accept payment and charge sales from your customers.This setup works in different ways depending on whether you sell online or havea physical storefront.

Every business doesn’t need POS hardware, but it needs POS software to perform its functionality.If you have a café, you must need POS hardware because you need a register and credit card reader. But on the other hand, if you have an online store, you don’t need POS hardware because all transactions are performing through the website.

Why POS system is important?

POS system is essential because you can easily calculate and run the campaigns that engage and encourage customers to come to your store with this information.

Types of POS Hardware:

  • Connected devices:A portable device is better than a non-portable device because these devices are easily carrying in and out.
  • Register:Customer transactions are efficiently processed and calculated by a register.
  • Credit Card Reader:Using a credit card reader, quickly pay the contactless amount while you are in a store.
  • Cash drawer: POS software is connected with the cash drawer to minimize the risk of fraud and track when the drawer is open. The cash drawer is a secure and safe spot to keep your cash.
  • Bar code scanner: It is also a component of POS hardware that quickly reads the code of the items, stock level, and other details.
  • Receipt printer:This is a paper slip that shows when and what the customer purchased and how much they paid.

POS Software features:

There are several POS software features according to your needs.

Payment processing:Payment processing is one of the best core functions of a POS system. When the customer buys an item, all the transactions process by the POS software.

POS systems accept different payments methods such as

  • Cash
  • Magstripe credit cards and chip cards
  • Secure online payments
  • Contactless payment

Inventory Management: This software allows you to track the record of all your products. Inventory Management software also lets you know when the item is running low.

POS Reports: With the help of this report, you can get quick and precise results that can make your business better. POS report helps you to look into how much you are selling and earning quickly.

Customer Relationship Management: CRM is a POS software used to keep a student’s record when and what they bought. CRM also you to personalize your communications, marketing, and customer service.

Receipts:Receipts are POS software that makes your business efficient and polished. Receipts make your processing refunds easier and connect the paper trail to the purchased item.

Tipping Support: It is POS software design for restaurants and service professionals that allows customers to add digital tips during the checkout process.

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