What is the best point of sale system for small business?

  • October 2, 2021
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What is the best point of sale system for small business?

Point of sale systems improve the customer experience and make the business easier for business owners’ inventory, sales, and employee performance.According to research, many POS systems on the market for small businesses are comparing side by side. We compare methods by using price, packages, hardware and software options and features, etc.

The best point of sale system for small businesses in Canada:


Square is best and flexible for small businesses to grow. In 2009 Square used small businesses like retail shops to dinner. Square offers three payment options that provide integrated payments. You can pay these transactions using credit cards, premium, in-person fees. You need a square register to record all these transactions. But many companies offer mobile square readers and iPad to customize and arrange your setup.

 Features of three plans of square:

  • Time tracking and timecard reporting
  • Sales reports and barcode scanning
  • Instagram selling capabilities and electronic card gift options

To grow your business, get extra services connected to your POS system with WooCommerce, Weebly, Quicks Book Online, Tax Jar, Sum All, etc.

  • PROS:
  • Free option for online and integrated payment method
  • Track inventory easily
  • CONS:Lack of advanced feature in online option
  • Extra fees for loyalty programs and expensive processing fees
  • eHopper:

eHopper POS system offers low-cost plans to entrepreneurs’ access to customers and inventory management tools, making it clear.

This Point of sale software offers four plans, including integrated credit card and processing features.

Features of eHopper POS software:

  • Inventory and tip management
  • Customer management and reporting options
  • Print or email receipts

eHopper four plans provide extra features such as

  • Essential
  • Freedom
  • Restaurant
  • OmniChannel
  • PROS:
  • Flexible and affordable POS system
  • Inventory management and working with tablet
  • CONS:
  • Credit card fees and no gift card management
  • Touch Bistro:

Touch Bistro used for the restaurant industry since 2010. Touch Bistro system gives you various tools and features to support your operations.

With the help of Touch Bistro, you all get various tools to support your operations and functionality.

  • Menu and tale management
  • Access data and manage inventory cost

Buy hardware equipment from Touch Bistro such as

iPad, Apple TV, Apple Mac Minicomputer, iPad stand, Kitchen and Thermal printers, Networking hardware and payment devices etc.

  • PROS
  • User friendly interface
  • Credit card and iPad POS system
  • CONS:
  • Not response properly
  • Use apple products
  • Shopify:

Shopify Provides e-commerce online shopping services that are easy and affordable for store owners to use digital customer experience. Shopify has provided this service since 2006.

Shopify POS system provides different plans to make your small business efficient and successful.

Shopify POS features plans include

  • Customer details and profiles
  • Custom and code discounts
  • Credit card processing and quick response code


  • No extra transaction fees charged
  • Plug and play hardware plans


Basic Plan access only two staff members and does not offer omnichannel selling

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