Debit Card Payment System

Debit Card Payment System

In today’s world more customers tend to use debit or credit cards or you may call it plastic money. Most individuals only carry a nominal amount in cash that’s probably enough to buy a coffee but not more than that. One of the possible reasons for carrying less cash is portable debit and credit card machines.

Debit card processing replaced cash to an extent that it is now becoming a necessity for every business be it retailer, entrepreneur, or an e-commerce store to have a debit card processing system installed. Mobile debit card machines have made it easy for consumers and merchants to perform transactions just by swapping the card on the machine.

The debit card processing system in Canada and in other countries of the world; works by entering the pin while either swapping or inserting the card.

Since everything is so fast these days, customers are always on the lookout to save their time by performing fast and easy transactions, and debit cards made it a reality. The debit order system saves your and customers time while providing instant and simultaneous checking facilities to the consumer from their account.

The debit card swap machine also equips customers with statements and mentions every transaction against the item and location where it took place. Most debit cards are also referred to as ATM cards. Also Instead of adding to his consumer debt, the consumer uses his checking account.

Our professionally experienced team can set up your debit processing system for all the major networks out there including InterLink, Maestro, Pulse Pay, NYCE, Bank Mate, Magic Line, and TYME among many others.

Leaders in the Debit PIN Based POS Network (2005) in place of signatures, many high-volume retailers are taking PIN transactions.

The debit card payment process & the parties involved:

The debit card payment transaction usually only requires a few seconds to perform but there is a lot that is going behind in the process. There are multiple parties who are making smooth and easy debit card transactions possible for the merchant and the customer.

  1. Firstly to get started the business owner or the merchant needs to set up a particular merchant bank account. The merchant account is different from the regular bank accounts and the merchant needs it to start accepting debit card payments.
  2. The second party to the process is the customer’s bank. The bank that has provided the individual debit/ credit card.
  3. The important ones are card networks or commonly known as card associations like Visa and MasterCard. They process payment transactions complying with the previously agreed set of rules and regulations.
  4. Acquirers are the ones who process payments after getting the transaction details from the cardholder and association. These are the members of the process who provide merchants with merchant accounts and especially they are the licensed members of the association.
  5. We have used the payment processor term before but in a different context, now the payment processor is the party who transfers the provided information to the concerned association of the card.
  6. Here comes the question of how the payment processor gets the information? The answer is through the payment gateway software. Yes, there is software that obtains a customer’s card information and then sends it to the payment processor through the merchant’s website.

Focus on your Business Growth and Forget about the Debit Card payment System’s setup hassle

Now that you know what goes behind the debit card payment process and might be thinking of it as a complicated thing to get for your business, we would like to tell you that it is not. Yes, we are here to take your entire debit card payment acceptance and set up hassle on our shoulders, so that you can focus on your business growth rather than worrying about the payment processes.

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100% compliance and customer satisfaction promised

From payment authorization, clearing, and settlement to merchant’s checkout we are here to help you out. In the process of merchants getting the funds and the complete process of debit and credit card payment transactions, we have 100% compliance to the industry standards and different payment solutions like EMV chip cards and PCI.

Our remarkable customer service team is always there to serve you in case of queries, orders, and setting up the debit card payment system.