Free Pay Mobile

Free Pay Mobile

A true entrepreneur understands that he needs to bring the whole world inside his store to facilitate the customers. The most important part of any business is how they accept payment and what options they are providing their customers. EMV processing and credit card payments are the most common kinds of free mobile payment modes these days.

Mobile payment transactions have increased and doubled in recent years, so you also need to entertain clients who want to pay through credit cards from any location globally. Thousands of consumers are using free mobile bill payments and mobile online payments on a daily basis through free mobile payment apps.

We will provide you the setup and devices that will serve customers smartly and safely at any point of contact. These devices are available on both touch display screens and keypads. Online mobile payments allow you to send money fast and free of cost.

Internet connectivity, easy to charge, receipt generation, and transaction history all are there in the device to make payment processing easy for merchants and customers. Accept payments from the customers seamlessly and easily anywhere anytime. Merchants who accept Google pay online businesses are expanding three folds in the industry.

Contact us today to get started with your free pay mobile services along with our surprisingly reasonable and transparent prices, bonus is the free app to transfer money anywhere anytime. Allow your business to grow and customers to enjoy free mobile payments in Canada and all around the world.

Mobile payment requires enciphering and signing in to perform transactions, and with our mobile payment system, you can assure your customer’s safety. Since technology and the internet are evolving rapidly so are the possible scams and frauds. More people are now prone to online cheating, money and data theft hence every merchant has to make sure their customer’s transaction is safe at any cost.

We are busting the myth of expensive and overpriced mobile payment points of sales because we are offering you free mobile payment apps and sale points. So do not look further for quality services that are light on your budget, book your order with our experienced experts now.


  • Mobile point of sales enables the merchant and his customers to perform transactions in a versatile manner without having to be restricted to a particular location.
  • It allows the merchant to save valuable space that he had to reserve for the other POS terminal than the mobile POS.
  • Multiple transaction options and prompt processing save up precious time for the organization and the purchasers; this overall provides an improved customer experience.
  • Mobile payment terminals are best for businesses on the go, for instance, telemedicine, food delivery service, vehicle restaurants, market vendors, and many others. Mobile POS is not only portable but is also technically brilliant as they accept credit and debit card payments on the go.
  • Mobile payment solutions also accommodate the current need for contactless transactions as per the social distancing guidelines.
  • As mobile wallets are becoming increasingly popular mobile POS are also smart enough to accept Google pay and apple pay for the customers who want to pay via their phones.
  • It is the most cost-effective and suitable option for small businesses with little space and budget to spend on electronic registers and payment software.
  • It helps in the times of heavy traffic and rush even at the established countertop point of sales.
  • Better security standards and enhanced encryption of transactions will increase customer trust in the merchants.
  • Ease of payment will ultimately increase your consumer traffic and sales in the longer run.

What Will You Get?

Yes, that’s right, we will provide you a free mobile EMV card reader and you don’t have to buy it separately.

Trust our Mobile service because we only offer 100% authentic, virus-free and authentic software with our system.

Are you scared of ending up spending a lot of money on the mobile POS setup? Leave your cost-saving duty on us, we are selling at 0.25% low rates with quality services.

Expand and grow by accepting payment from around the world. Our system is PCI and EMV compliant so you don’t have to set up separate POS terminals for different cards.

We are not charging you for applications, yes! Free application for our clients means more savings.

We do not charge our clients for the setup. We provide a free-of-cost setup with every order.

Time is money and we surely believe that, so no tomorrow and yesterday, we will get your setup done the same day as your order gets placed.