Mobile Processing

Mobile Processing:

One of the easiest and suitable transaction processing options for merchants is Mobile merchant services. It is now very commonly used by many retailers and even banks are offering mobile credit card payment solutions to their customers.

Mobile payment processing turns any cell phone, mobile, tablet, and basically every digital device with an internet facility into a transaction terminal.

A mobile POS is a smartphone application that allows merchants to accept credit card payments. Payment processing is nearly often included in the package offering. These few mPOS systems are available through various vendors, while others are only available to acquire via a merchant services provider.

Mobile processing services are especially beneficial to small businesses that cannot invest a huge amount of money on an extravagant countertop point of sale system or for the businesses that commonly have to accept payments on the go. There are many organizations that can be benefitted from the mobile POS system. A few of them are vehicle restaurants, electronic appliances merchants, grocery stores, coffee shops, online vendors, and e-market sellers.

We encourage you to explore our mobile processing services for all sizes of businesses for any kind of industry. We offer an array of mobile processing and personalized payment solutions with respect to your business requirements.

Mobile processing makes simple, secure, and hassle-free payment processing possible for both merchants and customers, it’s basically all about convenience and security. Mobile credit card machines for small businesses are not only cost-effective but are as efficient as any other credit card processing machine.

From receipt number, gratuity, to processing the transaction instantaneously with authorized transaction number on your mobile’s screen display, our credit card, check, and transaction processing application provide each and every detail to the user.

We are offering our customers the best mobile merchant services and the best mobile payment solution in Canada at the lowest rates from the market.

We provide customizable mobile solutions that enable you to make credit and debit card payments from any place with a wireless signal! With swiped, dipped (EMV), and contactless technology, all of our mobile merchant account options allow you to accept all major card varieties.

What will you get?

There are a lot of advantages and services that a merchant can get by acquiring our mobile processing system such as our credit card, check, and loyalty processing services that provide options to approve or spurn the transaction in real-time, making the process fraud-proof and secure. Second and probably the most important one is that the merchant has to invest less than the wireless transaction terminals. Another one is that with real-time transaction processing and approvals, you don’t have to go after customers for declined payments. Easy transaction tracking and updated online reports are always available for the user. No manual entries and authorization save you the overhead cost and salary expenses. Last but not least is its ease of use, Phone, email, messaging, and a credit card/check terminal is all included in one multi-function device. Mobile payment solutions make your business life easier.